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8 Sizes Silicone Invisible Ring Size Adjuster Reducer Ring Sizer Fit Any Rings  


✔ 【Universal Compatibility】

8 pieces in 8 different sizes, there is always one can meet your needs.

Reduce ring 0.5-1 size, fit well for ring width from 1-10mm.

Suitable for both Men and Women’s rings, even for Big Knuckles’.

✔ 【Insert-Based Design】

Insert-based design provides the ring size adjuster mould to the curves of ring band and the buckle can keep the adjuster stay well on the rings. It’s also a solution for fingers with knuckle problems, easy to use, never worry about scratching rings or retain moisture.

✔ 【Durable and Comfortable】 Made of  Silicone , which much softer than PVC, is abrasion and oil resistant and has good elasticity.  Make your ring sit snug to the fingers without pinching your skin.

✔ 【Invisible Transparent Color】 The transparent material does not detract from the beauty of the rings, you even can’t feel it’s existing.

✔ 【Additional Polishing Sticks】 Double-sides polishing sticks Green side is for scratch removing and white side is for extra fine polishing. 

Great for polishing Gold, Silver, Copper, Jewelry, Watch, Nail and etc.

Notice: Overuse may wear rings.

Material: Soft Silicone

Color: Clear

ATTENTION: measure the width of the jewel correctly


XXS: 2 M


S: 4MM

M: 5 MM

L: 6MM



XXL: 9.5MM

Quantity:  8 Pcs ( Includes different sizes, as picture show).

Package includes:

8Pcs  x Ring Size Adjusters.


1 Pc XXS: 2 MM

1 Pc XS: 3MM

1 Pc S: 4MM

1 Pc M: 5 MM

1 Pc L: 6MM

1 Pc XL: 7MM

1 Pc XXL: 8 MM

1 Pc XXL: 9.5MM

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